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After you fill in the reservation request form,  you will be notified within 2 hours if its posibble to make a booking for you. If you want to know  the status of your reservation immediately, please contact us by phone + 420 224 241 664 

We are available 24 hours a day!

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Information on group booking

Accommodation for groups

Please fill in all required fields in the booking form, otherwise  the form will not be sent.

  • In the field Room type - please choose Group accommodation
  •  In the field "Details" - please write the additional informations
  • Prefered rooming - ( roomtypes , number of rooms ) , number of boys , girls  etc.



Additional Info

  • For the group bookings we usually ask to pay in advance by the  banktransfer.
  • First, you will make preliminary reservation with an option until the specific date.
  • Until this term you should confirm the reservation as fixed or cancel the booking.

For accepting fixed booking we need you to confirm our cancellation conditions 

( you can read the cancellation conditions in the "reservation" page)

We can also provide breakfast, lunch or dinner   for  groups of  15 people and more.

In case of any questions,  please contact us non-stop 24 hours a day


AZ Hostel in Prague, Czech Republic

Address: Jindřišská 901 / 5, Prague 1, Postal Code 110 00

Solid line: +420 224 241 664, Mobile phone:  +420 777 206 892
Fax: +420 224 241 665, E-mail:

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